Keeper is the Most Secure Way to Store Cryptocurrencies

Trusting your wallet provider is a serious security risk.

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Keeper: The Most Secure and Convenient Way to Store Your Bitcoin Private Key

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have recently surged in both popularity and value. But the question remains, what is the most secure way to protect and store cryptocurrency? Recent history is rife with examples of fraud and hacks of online cryptocurrency wallets and cryptocurrency services.

Our white paper offers an in-depth look into:

  • How the private-public key pair for your cryptocurrency account works and why trusting your wallet provider is a serious security risk.
  • Why Keeper is the most secure and convenient way to store your cryptocurrency private key.
  • How to export your private key from your current wallet and into the Keeper Cloud Security VaultTM.

To learn more about how a password management solution can protect your hard-earned cryptocurrency, download the full white paper here.

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