KeeperPAM vs BeyondTrust Comparing PAM Solutions

BeyondTrust is expensive, difficult to use and difficult to deploy. Switch to KeeperPAM™ for an ultra-secure, easy-to-use solution that’s deployable in minutes, not months.

Keeper vs BeyondTrust: User Reviews and Ratings



G2 Reviews
4.7/5.0 738 reviews
4.4/5.0 30 reviews
Gartner Peer Insights
4.7/5.0 73 reviews
4.4/5.0 44 reviews
iOS Reviews
4.9/5.0 159k+ reviews
BeyondTrust does not offer iOS Applications
Android Reviews
4.6/5.0 101k+ reviews
BeyondTrust does not offer Android Applications

*Data as of July 24, 2023

KeeperPAM vs BeyondTrust: Features and Categories

Intuitive Credential Vaulting and Access Control

Legacy PAM solutions like BeyondTrust rely on highly-technical, dated user interfaces that were designed by engineers for engineers. This software often takes months to deploy and even more time to learn and manage. Even highly technical users struggle to understand and use many of the complex features that are built into the BeyondTrust credential vault.

Keeper’s secure digital vault is packed with features including browser extensions on all primary platforms, a friendly desktop application and an award-winning user interface. Keeper provides zero-knowledge and zero-trust security for all of your users, not just technical teams.

Intuitive Credential Vaulting and Access Control
Patented Single Sign-on Integration

Patented Single Sign-on Integration

BeyondTrust requires an additional appliance to communicate with an identity provider and deliver SSO integration.

Keeper is a leading innovator in integrating with solutions organisations use daily and making them better. Keeper SSO Connect® is a patent-protected system that provides a zero-knowledge, FedRAMP-Authorised, multi-cloud SSO integration without any hardware or on-premises components needed. Keeper SSO Connect integrates with your existing SSO solution to provide zero-knowledge password management and encryption, allowing organisations to securely and easily authenticate users into their Keeper Vault and provision user vaults quickly.

Keeper SSO Connect, included with Keeper Enterprise, seamlessly integrates with all popular SSO IdP platforms including Office365, Entra ID (Azure), ADFS, Okta, Ping, JumpCloud, Centrify, OneLogin, F5 BIG-IP APM or any other SAML-compliant SSO solution.

Seamless Privileged Account Session Management and Recording

PAM solutions like BeyondTrust require difficult and complex applications to monitor and record sessions. With an on-premises deployment requiring servers to run the solution, and additional databases to store recorded data if you’re session recording, heavy configuration and hefty professional services packages are often required.

Keeper Connection Manager (KCM) – a part of the KeeperPAM platform – provides session recording and multi-user session sharing via a web browser. KCM is easy to use, highly secure and requires no additional staff or professional services to deploy. Credential isolation prevents end users from ever being exposed to keys.

Seamless Privileged Account Session Management and Recording
Secrets Management

Secrets Management

BeyondTrust has generally been deployed on-premises, with reduced capability cloud options available.

Keeper Secrets Manager (KSM) is part of the KeeperPAM platform and has been optimised for the cloud from day one. The fully-managed, cloud-based solution secures infrastructure secrets and other confidential data. KSM integrations do not require any on-premises components to be installed and you can integrate with your build systems quickly and easily out of the box.

Some capabilities like rotation use a lightweight gateway to perform the actions locally to prevent the need to open up any firewall ports to the outside. By combining passwords and secrets into a single user-friendly UI, IT admins can easily manage complex policies and create detailed reporting.

Keeper has more than 75 out-of-the-box integrations that are easy to apply, giving you full control over your secrets management on all of your platforms.

PAM That Isn’t Painful

BeyondTrust’s Password Safe has pages and pages of complex, high availability configuration.

Keeper just works. With a born-in-the-cloud approach, the Keeper Vault provides high availability out of the box.

BeyondTrust’s reporting tool, BeyondInsight, requires Windows servers to be running and databases to be managed to have any visibility on what is going on with your own environments.

Keeper’s Advanced Reporting and Alerts Module (ARAM) provides analytics from the cloud, backed by zero knowledge automatically on day one.

BeyondTrust doesn’t have a true cloud-based solution. Deploying Password Safe in a cloud-based configuration only takes the on-premises solution and runs it in the cloud provider of your choice.

Keeper was built cloud-native from the start.

PAM That Isn’t Painful

Enterprise-Grade, Zero-Knowledge Security

PAM solutions, such as BeyondTrust, do not typically claim to have “zero-knowledge” architectures. The entire Keeper ecosystem is zero knowledge and zero trust by design. Keeper employees cannot ever access customer vault data.

Keeper’s security model has been vetted for use in highly secure environments, with Keeper leading its peers in obtaining the FedRAMP and StateRAMP Authorisation – among other certifications.



Full Zero KnowledgeYes No
Transparent Security ModelYes No
PBKDF2 EncryptionYes No
FDA 21 CFR Part 11 YesNo
StateRAMP AuthorisationYes No
FedRAMP AuthorisationYes No
Zero-Trust Security FrameworkYesYes
SOC 2 CompliantYesYes
ISO 27001 Compliant YesYes
FIPS 140-2Yes Yes
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Keeper’s next-gen, zero-trust, zero-knowledge PAM solution deploys in minutes, not months – all while providing industry-leading security that is trusted by thousands of organisations and millions of people globally. Access Keeper on any device, from any location, all while maintaining the highest level of security.

Why Choose Keeper Over BeyondTrust?

For years, organisations were forced to adopt bulky and expensive PAM solutions if they wanted to protect privileged users, even if that meant purchasing complex features they would never use. In fact, 56% of organisations that tried to deploy a Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution never fully implemented it. As a result, many organisations overspent on their PAM deployment or simply decided PAM could only be deployed to a small part of their organisation. Keeper is changing that.

KeeperPAM is a next-gen PAM solution that brings security and business efficiency to organisations of all sizes. With Keeper, enterprise-grade security can be extended beyond just a few technically-savvy IT users. KeeperPAM deploys in minutes, not months, and is built for privileged users across the entire organisation, including finance, HR, marketing and more. Get just what you need from a PAM solution without the bloat, and protect every privileged user in your organisation.

Why Choose Keeper Over BeyondTrust?

Ready to move on from your traditional BeyondTrust PAM solution? Switch to Keeper’s next-gen privileged access management platform now.

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