2021 Ransomware Impact Report

Understand the aftereffects ransomware attacks have on employees’ daily work life, an organisation’s reputation and more.

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Find Out What to Expect If Your Organisation Faces a Ransomware Attack

While ransomware attacks are spiking in frequency, not much is reported about the internal aftereffects of a security incident.

What changes do organisations make to their technology and processes? How are employees affected by these adjustments? How many companies actually pay the ransom?

In partnership with Pollfish, we surveyed 2,000 employees in various industries about these questions and more.

Find Out What Cybersecurity Challenges Your Organisation Faces

Here are 4 key takeaways you’ll understand after reading:

Effect of the attack on the company’s reputation

Tech updates performed by the company after the attack

Portion of companies that chose not to disclose an attack at all

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