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Password Manager

Business Starter

Ultimate password protection and sharing for teams up to 10 people.

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Protect your small-to-medium sized business with the top rated password manager.

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XXX per user billed annually

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Comprehensive enterprise password management platform with advanced provisioning, tech-stack integration, event logging and reporting.

Customised bundles, curated pricing and ELAs available

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Privileged Access Manager


KeeperPAM was created to fully protect perimeterless and multi-cloud environments with just the features you need.

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Bonus! Includes a Free Family Plan for each team member.

Features by Plan

Ultimate password protection and sharing for teams up to 10 people.
Protect your small-to-medium sized business with the top rated password manager.
Comprehensive enterprise password management platform with advanced provisioning, tech-stack integration, event logging and reporting.
Encrypted vault for every user
Free Family Plan for Every User
Folders and Subfolders
Shared Team Folders
Access from Unlimited Devices
Policy Engine and Enforcements
Security Audit
Activity Reporting
Team Management
Basic two-factor authentication
Delegated Administration
Advanced Organisational Structure
Share Admin
Advanced Two-Factor Authentication (DUO & RSA)
Single Sign-On (SAML 2.0) Authentication
Automated Team Management
Active Directory and LDAP Sync
Azure Integration
SCIM Provisioning
Command Line Provisioning
Developer APIs

Powerful Add-Ons for Superior Team Protection

Secure File Storage

Businesses have sensitive documents and files, which in the wrong hands can cause irreparable harm to reputation and brand. With Keeper's Cloud Security Vault™, you can securely store, manage and share sensitive files.

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Provide your employees with up-to-date risk assessment of passwords directly in their vaults. Also provides a summary view of breached password status across your organisation.

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Advanced Reporting & Alerts

Take Keeper’s standard reporting capability to the next level with enterprise-grade, customisable reporting and alerting functionality built on Keeper’s zero-knowledge security architecture.

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Compliance Reports

Keeper Compliance Reports allow Keeper Administrators to monitor and report the access permissions of privileged accounts across the entire organisation, in a zero-trust and zero-knowledge security environment.

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Keeper Secrets Manager®

Secure your environment and eliminate secrets sprawl by removing hard-coded credentials from your source code, config files and CI/CD systems.

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Professional Services

We provide world-class support. Our professional services team provides dedicated training, ongoing support, product configuration and implementation services for complex IT environments.

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KeeperChat provides encrypted workplace communication and brings with it the highest level of privacy and security to messaging in the digital age.

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Keeper Connection Manager

Instantly access your infrastructure with zero-trust security. Provide DevOps and IT teams with instant access to servers, databases, RDP, SSH, Kubernetes infrastructure and remote desktops through a web browser.

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Trusted and Valued by Thousands of Businesses and Millions of Employees

Most Promising Enterprise Security 2021 G2 Leader Winter 2024 Global InfoSec Awards for 2023
5.0 out of 5

The service team is absolutely amazing

I have used Keeper for several years. I love it and it runs my life. As a business owner with 2 locations that each has to have their own login credentials, I would be completely lost. The service team is absolutely amazing & ensures privacy when requesting help. This makes me sleep well at night know my data is as safe as possible in this messed up world we live in! Thank you Keeper for your team support!

5.0 out of 5

Efficient Password Manager that works great for teams!

It’s great that we can share passwords with a team securely. Integration with Azure AD for SSO makes it simple to access our password vault. The web browser extension works great to autofill passwords on websites. You can save new credentials in folders to share with others or keep them in your own private vault.

5.0 out of 5


I’ve had Keeper since its inception. I honestly couldn’t live without out it. They constantly update it. It’s easy to contact them and they just make life so much secure and easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Keeper for my small business?

Yes, Keeper’s password, secrets and privileged connection management solutions provide security for businesses and enterprises of all sizes in any industry. Our zero-trust and zero-knowledge infrastructure protects you and your business from cybercriminals. Additionally, small businesses can benefit from:

  • KeeperChat — Our secure messaging app perfect for helping your team stay connected.
  • Team password sharing — Sharing passwords between colleagues and contractors has never been easier with Keeper’s password sharing capabilities.
  • Advanced reporting & alerts — Support compliance audits and monitor password-related events with customized reports and real-time notifications.

Keeper is highly-rated online and trusted by millions of users in over 120 countries across the globe. As the leading cybersecurity platform, we offer tailored solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises. Users can also select additional services for added protection to prevent breaches and protect credentials.

Speak with a team member to get started with Keeper.

Does Keeper offer tailored business plans?

Yes, Keeper Security pricing plans can be tailored to businesses and enterprises.

Keeper Business

  • per user/month ( billed annually)
  • Encrypted digital vault for every employee
  • Family plan for every user
  • Shared team folders and subfolders
  • Access from unlimited devices
  • Policy engine and enforcements
  • Security audit
  • Activity reporting
  • Team management access and controls
  • Two-factor authentication

Keeper Enterprise

Everything in Keeper Business, plus:

  • Contact our team for enterprise pricing
  • Single Sign-On (SAML 2.0) authentication
  • Automated team management access and controls
  • Two-factor authentication (DUO & RSA)
  • Active Directory and LDAP sync
  • SCIM and Azure AD provisioning
  • Email auto-provisioning
  • Command-line provisioning
  • Developer APIs for password rotation and backend integration
  • 24/7 support

Users can select add-ons for enhanced protection. Additional services include:

  • BreachWatch — Our dark web monitoring feature scans the dark web for any compromised logins and passwords in your employees’ Keeper vaults. Our team notifies your administrator to take action if any data is found.
  • Keeper Secrets Manager — Our fully-managed, cloud-based, zero-knowledge platform for securing infrastructure secrets such as API keys, database passwords, access keys, certificates and confidential data.
  • KeeperChat — Our internal messaging services offer the highest level of privacy and security to improve workplace communication.

What's the best way to share passwords with my team?

The best and safest way to share passwords with your team is through a password management solution such as Keeper. We provide a secure, encrypted vault for every team member to store their passwords. The administrator can control employee password access, restrict access to specific users and reduce data breach risks.

Keeper enables secure password sharing with:

  • Advanced Reporting & Alerts
  • Automated team sharing
  • Secure vault-to-vault sharing with PKI encryption
  • Shared team folders and customised permissions
  • Import shared data and folders from any source

Reach out to a Keeper team member for a demo to see how our platform can protect your business.

What is the best way to organise passwords?

The best way to organise passwords is to use a password management solution like Keeper. Our business plans provide employees with a secure digital vault that holds their information and passwords. Users can create folders and subfolders to organise passwords, as well as shared folders to give access to groups of other users all at once.

If you’re an IT Manager looking to organise, protect and manage your organisation’s passwords credentials and secrets, please take advantage of our 14-day free business trial.

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