BreachWatch: A Dark Web Monitoring Tool

Businesses face a significant risk of having their employees’ weak passwords stolen and sold by cybercriminals on the dark web. BreachWatch is a powerful business dark web monitoring tool that can be added on to Keeper Password Manager.

BreachWatch constantly scans employees’ Keeper Vaults for passwords that have been exposed on the dark web and immediately alerts you to take action and protect your organisation.

BreachWatch: A Dark Web Monitoring Tool

Benefits of Dark Web Monitoring

  • Identify breaches sooner
  • Fortify your organisation’s cybersecurity posture
  • Protect your business and employees against bad actors on the dark web
  • Perform unlimited scans on unlimited employee devices
  • Gain insight into the vulnerabilities of your employees credentials
BreachWatch: A Dark Web Monitoring Tool

Frequently asked questions

Am I on the dark web?

You can check if your credentials are on the dark web by using BreachWatch. You can also scan your business email to see if any of your passwords are on the dark web using our free dark web scan tool.

How do I remove my email from the dark web?

Unfortunately, if you find your email on the dark web, there is no way to remove it. There are precautionary steps you can take to keep your data secure, such as changing your passwords to ones that are strong and unique.