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Keeper Unlimited

1 User
  • Unlimited Devices + Web App
  • Unlimited Passwords + Passkeys
  • Unlimited Backup + Sync
  • Unlimited Two-Factor Codes
  • Unlimited Secure Record Sharing
  • 24/7 Support

Discount applies to first year

30% OFF

Keeper Business

5 Users
Buy Now  *Minimum 5 users, billed annually
  • Encrypted Vault for Every User
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Folders and Subfolders
  • Shared Team Folders
  • Enforcement Policies
  • Security Audit and Reporting
  • User Activity Reporting
  • Team Management
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Biometric Passwordless Login
  • Bonus! Free Family Plan for Every Team Member

Discount applies to first year

Keeper is designed for you and your small or medium-sized business

  • Fast and easy set up

    Easy to set up and roll out to your employees on every device they use.

  • Easy to use

    Simple design that is a joy to use on every device and web browser.

  • Create and share strong passwords

    Creates high-strength, random passwords and lets you securely share them on demand.

  • Unlimited devices and peace of mind

    Each employee gets Keeper on unlimited devices for complete, company-wide protection.

  • Autofill sites and apps with KeeperFill

    Our patented KeeperAI instantly logs you into websites and apps by autofilling your passwords, passkeys and 2FA codes.

  • World-class training and support

    The Keeper Team is here to help you 24x7.

  • Best-in-class security

    Keeper utilizes proprietary zero-trust and zero-knowledge security architecture with full end-to-end encryption.

Keeper's vault showing different records.

Don’t get hacked. Get Keeper.

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