Would You Rather: Get a Root Canal or Lose All Your Passwords?

Keeper surveyed 2,000 people to find out their answer to this question and more – and the results will shock you.

Read our report and infographic to learn about the lazy password practices that are leaving people vulnerable to cyberattacks and the consequences that follow.

Key findings of this report:

  • 17% of respondents would rather get a root canal than lose all their passwords.
  • Respondents had $378 stolen, on average, as a result of being hacked.
  • Over half of respondents reuse their passwords on multiple accounts.
  • Almost a third of respondents think they are likely to be hacked.

Avoid a cyberattack and protect your passwords with Keeper

Join the millions of people who trust Keeper to securely store their passwords. For only a few dollars per month, you’ll never have to remember passwords again.



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  • 无限量密码存储空间
  • 无限设备和同步
  • 无限量安全密码共享
  • 数量不限的身份和支付卡记录
  • 指纹和面容 ID 登录
  • 紧急访问
  • Web 应用和浏览器扩展
  • 24x7 客户支持
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通过家庭最佳密码管理程序,安全共享 Wi-Fi、流媒体等服务的密码。

*zzgl MwSt *Includes GST

Personal 的全部功能再加上:

  • 5 个私人保管库
  • 10GB 安全文件存储
  • 共享文件夹、记录和管理权限
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