IT Leaders Brace for Unprecedented Cyber Threats

The Future of Defense

IT Leaders Brace for Unprecedented Cyber Threats

Organizations are facing a barrage of increasingly sophisticated attacks and struggling to keep pace. Keeper Security surveyed IT leaders around the globe to gain insight into the evolving cybersecurity landscape, including the challenges posed by advanced attack techniques and the need for robust defense strategies.

Key Takeaways of This Report

Download The Future of Defense: IT Leaders Brace for Unprecedented Cyber Threats to learn how the barrage of attacks today’s IT leaders must combat highlights the need for proactive cybersecurity strategies that can adeptly counter both existing and burgeoning threat vectors.

Cyber Attacks Are Increasing

Finding: 92% of survey respondents report cyber attacks are more frequent today than one year ago.

Novel Threats Cast Looming Shadow

Finding: AI-powered attacks are seen as the most serious emerging threat, as well as the most challenging to handle.

Cyber Attacks Are More Sophisticated

Finding: 95% of IT leaders say that cyber attacks are more sophisticated than ever before.

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