Does Password Security Matter?

Keeper surveyed security professionals on password habits and the importance of password managers. Result: The password is not dead.

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Research Report: Crossing the Password Chasm

The number of online accounts the average person is expected to maintain is steadily increasing over time. The direct result is that companies are put at a higher risk of exposure to cyber attacks. Practices such as reusing weak passwords and writing passwords on sticky notes create easily exploitable vulnerabilities for cybercriminals.
Keeper teamed-up with SC Media and research firm C.A. Walker Research Solutions to survey security professionals on the importance of password managers and password practices currently in place. This survey was based on responses from a broad cross-section of company sizes and revenues and eight industry verticals, including federal, state and local government, technology services, finance, education, manufacturing, medical and healthcare, legal/real estate, retail and wholesale distribution.

Our research paper looks into:

  • The current trends in the usage of password managers
  • Statistics on current password habits
  • Commons myths on password security

To learn more about how a password management solution can protect your organization, download our research report.

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