Enterprise Whitepaper for MSPs and MSSPs

One of the best ways to protect an organization is by implementing a password management solution. We explore why that is, the return on investment, and how MSPs and MSSPs can unlock value for customers.

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Enterprise Password Management as a Service

A password management solution should be implemented at any organization, large or small, as part of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. Managed service providers (MSP) and managed security service providers (MSSP) can gain a competitive advantage by adding password management to their services portfolio.

Our Enterprise Whitepaper offers an in-depth look into:

  • Why a solid password management solution provides an exceptional ROI in security, employee productivity, helpdesk costs, and compliance.
  • How employee behavior associated with passwords becomes your customers’ primary security risk and how Keeper Enterprise solves those issues.
  • Why Keeper Enterprise, with Keeper’s zero-knowledge architecture, is the most secure password manager available.
  • Key benefits of Keeper Enterprise Password Manager to the MSP/MSSP. This includes:
    • Rapid deployment, user provisioning and role-based access controls with Microsoft AD/Open LDAP.
    • Seamless integration to your SSO IdP to fill the security gaps SSO often has.
    • Enable visibility into your organization’s password security.
    • Meet your compliance and auditing needs in a way spreadsheets never can.

To learn more about how a Keeper Enterprise password management solution can be used to protect your customers, download the full enterprise whitepaper.

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