Keeper Enterprise: How to Protect Employees in a BYOD World

Bring your own device brings its own risk. Why your BYOD policy should include password security.

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Password Management in a BYOD World

Companies have been aggressively adopting BYOD policies, as it can increase employee productivity and reduce costs. These same policies also serve to increase the cybersecurity risks that organizations are likely to face. With an increasing number of cyber attacks on businesses of all sizes, incorporating a BYOD policy must take into account the cyber risks associated.

Our white paper offers an in-depth look at:

  • The advantages and statistics of implementing a BYOD policy.
  • How employee passwords are your biggest security threat
  • How a password manager eliminates the security vs convenience trade-off.
  • The core elements of password security in protecting an organization’s sensitive data.
  • Tools the IT teams needs for rapid user provisioning and access control

To learn more about how a password management solution can protect your organization, download our research report.

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