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Keeper Provides Full Visibility and Control Over Your Organization's Password Security

Keeper’s Zero-Trust, Zero-Knowledge Password Management Platform Prevents Data Breaches

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Strict enforcement policies, event logging, notifications and reporting protect the customer’s internal control environment.

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The customer has complete knowlege of, management and control over, its credentials and encryption keys.

Keeper = Super seguro

Keeper’s Customers Say it Best

Ease of use, great customer service, and support, more features than any other vendor in the market.

Security Office , Large Enterprise Telecommunications Service Company

Keeper provides high security while providing an easy to use and very well-designed interface. Another big plus is that it runs on all devices.

Chief Information Officer, Medium Enterprises Transportation Services Company

We have improved password complexity, solved security issues, and more securely share logins that are role specific.

Corey Gillespie, Chief Information Offer, P.F. Markey

Keeper is Rated as the Best

Rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction.

Protect Your Organization Against Data Breaches and Ransomware Today.

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