Keeper Security Insight Report

Keeper Security Insight Report

Privileged Access Management Complexity

Traditional Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions have a reputation for being complex, costly and difficult to manage. To find out exactly where these PAM solutions are falling short, we surveyed hundreds of IT leaders from around the globe.

Key Takeaways of This Report

Download the Privileged Access Management Survey: User Insights on Cost & Complexity to learn what IT leaders are looking for in PAM solutions and the challenges they face when implementing traditional ones.

IT pros seek a unified platform

Finding: 84% of IT leaders want to simplify their PAM solution in 2023.

Many PAM solutions have unused features

Finding: IT teams only use 62% of their current PAM functionality, on average.

Traditional PAM is too complex

Finding: 56% of IT leaders tried to deploy a PAM solution but didn’t fully implement it.

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