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Keeper Provides Full Visibility and Control Over Your Organization's Password Security

Keeper’s Zero-Trust, Zero-Knowledge Password Management Platform Prevents Data Breaches

ゼロトラスト環境 ゼロトラスト環境

Strict enforcement policies, event logging, notifications and reporting protect the customer’s internal control environment.

ゼロ知識セキュリティアーキテクチャ ゼロ知識セキュリティアーキテクチャ

The customer has complete knowlege of, management and control over, its credentials and encryption keys.

Keeper = 非常に安全です

Keeper ユーザーによるベスト評価

Walter M

Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)


"I rest easier knowing our password vault solution is secure and highly available."

Justin V.

Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)


"I just wish more people knew about Keeper and weren't stuck on tools like LastPass and 1Password."

Administrator in Entertainment

Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)


"A solid password storage tool that is very easy to use for all employees."

Keeper is Rated as the Best

Rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction.

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