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Designed for digital identity providers, authentication providers and related security service providers, the Keeper Technical Partner Program enables companies to integrate their complementary technology into the Keeper platform. Common use cases include: Passwordless authentication, Single Sign On, Secrets Management, SIEM, PAM, Connection Management and MSP solutions.

Keeper Technical Partners

Technology Partner Integration Categories


Authenticate via device. Your device is your password

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Integrate Keeper into your identity stack with SSO Connect® Cloud

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Secrets Management

Rotate, manage and retrieve credentials for IT professionals


Log and analyze system security-related events and usage


Protect cloud and on-prem infrastructure and resources

Connection Management

Centralize, manage and secure remote connections

MSP Technology

Integrate Keeper into MSP solutions such as RMM, PSA, billing and password reset tools

Technical Partner Benefits

for Keeper Technical Partners

  • Featured listing for partners
  • Marketing launch activities
  • Partner Events and Communication
  • Dedicated Keeper Resource
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Collaborative documentation
  • Access to Senior Engineers
  • Keeper license for internal testing
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