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Get paid to create what you want

Get paid to create what you want

You know how to talk to your audience best. That’s why you’ll have creative freedom to produce content that you’ll be proud of and your audience will love – all while earning money.

Help your audience be more secure

Help your audience be more secure

Passwords are the first line of defense for online security. Promote a product that will protect your audience and simplify their online experience.

Dedicated support from Keeper

Dedicated support from Keeper

A dedicated team with all the resources you need to educate your audience will be available. We provide full support and prompt feedback.

Get a lifetime Keeper subscription

Get a free subscription to Keeper Unlimited

In addition to promoting our product, you’ll be a power user! Enjoy a free subscription to our award-winning password manager, Keeper Unlimited!

Why Your Audience Should Know About Keeper Password Manager

Secure password management made easy.

  • Highest-rated password manager Over 275,000 5-star ratings in the app stores.
  • Never forget another passwordAccess all of your passwords and passkeys with just one master password.
  • Securely store passwords and passkeys Prevent hackers from stealing your passwords and passkeys which can put you at risk and cost you thousands of dollars.
  • Access passwords on every deviceBrowser extensions and apps for iOS, Android, Mac and PC.
The easiest way to store and organise your passwords

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