Keeper Security Insight Report

Cloud-Based Privileged Access Management

Cloud migration is no longer a goal, but the new normal for organizations looking to reduce costs, boost flexibility and improve resilience. Keeper Security surveyed IT leaders from around the globe to learn how this trend is impacting Privileged Access Management (PAM) and what users are seeking in a cloud-based solution.

Key Takeaways of This Report

Download the Keeper Security Insight Report: Cloud-Based Privileged Access Management to learn what users are seeking in a PAM solution and the benefits of moving away from traditional, on-premises platforms.

Economic Pressures Affect PAM Deployment

Finding: Only 36% say it makes sense to have an on-premises PAM solution in the current economic climate.

Organizations Seek Cloud Advantages

Finding: 82% of IT leaders say they’d be better off moving their traditional PAM solution to the cloud.

On-Prem Expenses Create Financial Burden

Finding: 85% require dedicated staff to manage their on-premises PAM solution.

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