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Trying to remember all of your passwords is hard. Keeper takes care of that for you!

Join millions of people who use Keeper to protect their passwords and private information. You’ll never have to remember or worry about passwords again.

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  • Securely Store Unlimited Passwords
  • Generate & AutoFill Strong Passwords
  • Store Identity & Payment Info
  • Login with Fingerprint & Face ID
  • Use and Access on Unlimited Devices
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Love this app!

This app is a live saver! I use it all of the time to keep track of all of the passwords that I have to have for all the different facets of my life!

5 Stars


I’ve had Keeper since its inception. I honestly couldn’t live without out it. They constantly update it. It’s easy to contact them and they just make life so much secure and easy.

5 Stars

Very safe, easy to use

I really love this app. I am a very tough critic, and this app has exceeded my expectations on every level.

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Keeper Password Manager

password manager


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  • Unlimited Password Storage
  • Unlimited identity & payments
  • Fingerprint & Face ID login
  • Unlimited devices & sync
  • Secure record sharing
  • Emergency Access
  • Web application
  • 24/7 support
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