Password Management for Protecting Government Assets

One of the best ways a government agency can protect itself is by implementing a password management solution. With the number of cyber attacks increasing in size and sophistication, we discuss how a password manager can help alleviate a number of cyber risks.

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Password Management is Critical to Protecting Government Assets

In this industry brief, we will discuss how passwords and personal identifiable information are the primary assets pursued by cybercriminals and examine why a password management solution should be implemented at every government agency, large or small, as part of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy to protect itself.

Keeper is committed to helping protect government agencies from attacks such as these, which is why we partner with Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®.

Our industry brief will look into:

  • The challenges Government agencies are currently facing in the cybersecurity space
  • How employee behavior associated with passwords is a primary security risk
  • Ways a password manager reduces costs and improves productivity
  • Key benefits of using Keeper as an IT admin:
    • Meet cybersecurity compliance and auditing needs.
    • Ability for users to share passwords securely - replace spreadsheets.
    • Active Directory and SSO tools for rapid user provisioning, integration and role based controls.
    • Peace of mind knowing zero knowledge encryption technology is used to secure the passwords stored.

To learn more about how Keeper can protect your organization, view the industry brief.

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