Keeper Announces Automated Password Rotation

Regular rotation of passwords, keys and privileged credentials is a critical best practice that greatly reduces an organization’s risk of falling victim to cyberattacks. By limiting the lifespan of a...

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Password management software is great for consumers, but why is it essential for businesses? The answer is simple. Knowing that a single breach of a corporate network can have consequences that affect the entire business and everyone who works for it means password management is more important today than it’s ever been. Password management software

10 Reasons Why Password Management Is Essential for Any Size Business

Security managers clearly understand the consequences of poor information security practices, but they often find it difficult to change employee behavior.  Employees typically see security as a nuisance and as a result take the path of least resistance. Making security a top of mind issue for employees involves a combination of education and behavior modeling.

4 Best Practices to Strengthen Security Through Employee Awareness and Education

by Craig Lurey, CTO at Keeper Security, Inc. – August 26, 2016 Keeper holds the security of our customers and their data as our highest priority.  To mitigate the possibility of an online clickjacking attack during a browser session, we have updated our Keeper Browser extension.  We have made two security enhancements based on the analysis provided

Security Update for Keeper Browser Extension

By Craig Lurey, CTO & Co-founder of Keeper Security Keeper is awesome for DevOps teams. Back when we first created Keeper, our goal was to build a digital vault that was ultra secure but also easy to access and use. Website passwords are just one of many types of sensitive information that Keeper can protect.

Keeper for DevOps: More Than Just Passwords

Keeper’s engineering teams are working around the clock to provide you with the strongest experience on all major platforms and devices. Today, we’re excited to bring you the latest version of Keeper Desktop. Keeper Desktop is a cross-platform password manager and digital vault providing encrypted storage and seamless cloud synchronization on Windows, Mac and Linux.

New Release Available for Download: Keeper for Desktop V10

Weak passwords: there’s no excuse for them yet we still see so many people using them.  It is often disregarded as unimportant and a result of not having a nominal level of security education and awareness. Weak passwords and password reuse account for over 70% of all computer and internet account breaches. People hate creating

Feb. 1 Was Change Your Password Day: Why You Should Care

2015 was a record breaking year for data breaches impacting almost every sector – healthcare, education, financial services, retail, the federal government and more. During the first three quarters of the year, over 3,000 data breaches were reported. Of course, the most eye-opening breach of all was at the Office of Personnel and Management (OPM),

Keeper Security’s Top 5 Security Predictions for 2016

Keeper has removed its Wi-Fi syncing feature. We’re now auto-enabling our Cloud-based Internet Syncing feature for all users. This is great news for users – it simplifies the user experience, reduces confusion, enhances the product and increases security. Keeper’s Internet Sync feature is the most secure way to sync information between your devices and protect

Wi-Fi Sync Removal

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping and hackers! As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach us, the two biggest shopping days of the year, it’s imperative that consumers everywhere follow some simple steps to protect themselves and their wallets. This level of security awareness should not only apply during the holiday season but ALL the

5 Tips for Safer Holiday Shopping in Stores & Online

Professional hackers at SkyCure have discovered a major security vulnerability in iOS, that allows a malicious WiFi hotspot to launch a DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attack. The ‘No iOS Zone’ flaw, works by exploiting the SSL security certificate of iOS 8 that leaves a device wide open. The SkyCure CEO said, “This is not a denial-of-service

Dangerous Apple iOS 8 Security Flaw Uncovered, Called ‘No iOS Zone’

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