Download Keeper Now and Be Ready for the iPhone 12

Download Keeper Now and Be Ready for the iPhone 12

There are many rumors swirling around Apple’s upcoming release of the iPhone 12, including just when consumers will be able to purchase the new devices. However, one thing is certain. If you download the Keeper password manager right now, migrating all of your passwords to your new device will be easy-peasy. Here are five reasons why you should download Keeper now.

Kiss password overload goodbye

Think fast: How many password-protected online accounts do you have? If you have no earthly idea, you’re not the only one. According to a survey by Digital Guardian, 70% of consumers have over 10 password-protected online accounts, and 30% have “too many to count.” With Keeper, you’ll go from having to keep track of dozens, if not hundreds of passwords to just one, the master password for your Keeper digital vault. You’ll never lose or forget another password!

Save time & hassle when signing into your apps

Migrating to a new device means signing into all of your accounts and apps all over again. When you sign up for Keeper, you’ll get a private, encrypted digital vault that you can access from anywhere, using any device, running any operating system. Whether you have an Android, an iPhone, or a Google phone right now, you can rest assured that the Keeper app will work on your iPhone 12, with the same easy user interface.

Your passwords will be more secure than ever

Keeper is one of the few password managers to use a zero-knowledge security model, which utilizes a unique, proprietary encryption and data segregation framework to protect against data breaches. Because Keeper utilizes the zero-knowledge model, we have no way of accessing any of our users’ master passwords, nor can we access our customers’ encryption keys to decrypt their data. Encryption and decryption of your passwords, and any files you store in Keeper, is done on the device level. You are the only one who can access the records in your Keeper Vault.

Your password hygiene will be better than ever

By now, everyone knows they should use strong passwords, never reuse passwords across apps or accounts, and always enable multi-factor authentication (2FA) when it’s available. However, coming up with strong, unique passwords for every single account, then keeping track of them, plus 2FA codes, seems like an impossible feat — unless you’re using Keeper. Keeper automatically generates high-strength, random passwords for new accounts and even helps you change weak or reused passwords on existing accounts. It auto-fills login credentials for you, and it stores all your 2FA codes.

You’ll be protected against phishing

Keeper’s auto-fill feature will not only make your life easier, but it will also protect you from phishing attempts. Cybercriminals frequently attempt to get users to enter their login credentials on malicious look-alike sites with domain names that are just a bit different, frequently only one character off. It’s easy for us humans to get confused by these phony sites, but Keeper never gets confused. Keeper won’t auto-fill credentials onto a site or app unless you have a record for that domain stored in your vault.

Get started today

Keeper takes only minutes to install, is free to download and start using immediately, and is super user-friendly. You can also easily import your existing passwords from your web browsers, text files, or spreadsheets. Keeper will evaluate your imported passwords and warn you if any of them are weak, reused, or compromised. Download Keeper Password Manager and Digital Vault from the app store now!

Are you a business decision-maker who’s interested in how Keeper can help protect your company against the #1 cybersecurity risk? Reach out to our team today.