Keeper Announces Automated Password Rotation

Regular rotation of passwords, keys and privileged credentials is a critical best practice that greatly reduces an organization’s risk of falling victim to cyberattacks. By limiting the lifespan of a...

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What do the words and advice of a former, highly successful CEO of IBM have in common with sound password management? The answer is surprising. Lou Gerstner, who propelled IBM to nearly 10 years of non-stop growth and prosperity, has a poignant message for top executives at all companies. When it comes to establishing corporate

4 Things Senior Execs Must Do To Evangelize Password Security

Dr. Michael Pound’s current research focuses on image analysis for phenotyping crops, but you don’t have to be an expert in agriculture – or even computer science – to be frightened by this Computerphile video in which Pound demonstrates a deep-learning server called Beast at the University of Nottingham. Beast uses four parallel graphics processing

Keeper Q&A: What You Can Learn From Michael Pound’s Scary Password-Cracking Video

PDF version here. Cyber security becomes more important every day as hackers continue to target users for personal information that can be sold for a profit on the dark web. With more than 10 million consumers engaged with Keeper on a daily basis, we thought it would be a good idea to find out a

Keeper Customer Profile: Mike Maddaloni

Benjamin Caudill – a veteran penetration tester – has broken into organizations, large and small, just about everywhere. In doing so, he has exposed security vulnerabilities and numerous pathways for hackers to do their worst to unsuspecting businesses. Caudill, who was dubbed a ‘deadly force that could easily penetrate and exploit a firm’s most private

Q&A with Benjamin Caudill: Five Most Vital Cybersecurity Considerations for the SMB

Two years ago the CIO at Quest Credit Union  had no problem extending responsibility for password management beyond just the IT department. That’s because C-suite executives were using a password management solution for personal use. Thus getting the the organization aligned with an enterprise password management solution was almost automatically a shared responsibility. There are

Password Management Is Much More Than an IT Problem

1) These five user passwords accounted for 3.2 million of the 130 million accounts that were stolen in the Adobe hack of 2013: “123456,” “12345678,” “Password,” “Adobe123” and “12345678.” source 2) An analysis of 11 million stolen passwords for cloud services conducted by Skyhigh Networks found that just 20 passwords constitute 10.3% of all passwords in

20 Fascinating Password Facts That Show Why Password Security is Important

Regulators in New York State are proposing tough new restrictions on banks that could require them to spend millions of dollars on cyber security protection. We recommend you keep an eye on this proposed legislation in case it becomes a model for other states and industries. Among the measures in the proposed regulations, which are

Proposed New York Cybersecurity Rules Merit Our Attention

Updated on November 14, 2022. Password cracking is using programs and tools to retrieve passwords stored in a computer system or sent via a network. Cracking a password may seem like a next-to-impossible task, but you’d be surprised how easy it can be. Read on to learn how password cracking works, the techniques used and

What is Password Cracking?

Today, the attention of both IT and business managers in organizations of all sizes is fixed on cybersecurity. The reason is simple: Absolutely no organization is immune to cyber attacks in an ever-growing threat environment. This is particularly true for SMBs. A recent major study of some 600 SMBs unearthed startling findings that more than

5 Cybersecurity Tips For Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Written by Guest Blogger, Patty Brogdon When it comes to cyber threats, it is no longer sufficient to throw technology at the problem, as had been the practice a decade ago. Organizations today are increasingly aware that combining a multi-tiered approach to security is the best bet in keeping their critical assets protected against theft.

Building a Strong Cybersecurity Posture with Personnel, Technology, and Education

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