Keeper’s Commitment to Staying Platform Agnostic

Keeper’s Commitment to Staying Platform Agnostic

February dawned with news on the password management front from Apple and Microsoft. First, the Verge reported that Apple released iCloud Passwords, a Google Chrome extension that lets Windows and Mac users save passwords created in Chrome to Apple’s iCloud Keychain.

The extension is aimed at people who use an Apple mobile device but a Windows PC, or who use Google Chrome on a Mac Desktop. Unfortunately, iCloud Passwords only works with Google Chrome. It doesn’t support Firefox, Edge, Opera, other browsers, or Windows desktop apps. It’s also not available on Android, so if you use a Mac desktop and an Android phone, you’re out of luck.

Not to be outdone, shortly after the release of iCloud Passwords, Microsoft announced the launch of Autofill, which is similar to iCloud Passwords, on iOS and Android as part of the Microsoft Authenticator app, and on Google Chrome as an extension.

Similar to iCloud Passwords, Autofill is targeted at people who are mixed iOS and Windows users, but like the Apple product, Autofill has significant limitations. While it works on Mac desktops as well as iOS devices, it supports only the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. It doesn’t work on Safari, other browsers, or other iOS apps.

Keeper Is Committed to Supporting All Platforms & Devices

Unlike Apple and Microsoft, which have a vested interest in pushing users towards their platforms and devices, Keeper is committed to ensuring that our password management platform is relevant and useful to all of our customers, regardless of the operating systems or devices they use.

While Apple and Microsoft are platform-first, and other password managers are web-first or mobile-first, Keeper is customer-first. We’re committed to continually enhancing our desktop apps, mobile apps, and browser extensions. Whether you’re an individual or family subscriber or a business user, you’ll always be able to access your Keeper Vault and autofill your passwords on:

  • Windows or Mac desktop apps — yes, desktop apps! Apps aren’t just for mobile phones, and Keeper knows this. Many of our customers use desktop apps, and Keeper is here to support them.
  • Android or iOS apps, including all major web browser apps. Do you use more than one browser on your mobile device? Keeper won’t judge you!
  • All major desktop web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera and IE on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Feel free to use only one browser on your desktop machine, or switch between as many as you want. Keeper has extensions for all of them.

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Keeper customers get all of these other great features, too:

    • Proprietary zero-knowledge encryption platform. Keeper does not store our users’ master passwords on our servers, nor can we access our customers’ encryption keys to decrypt their data.
    • Automatically generate unique, high-strength, random passwords for all your sites and apps, and store them in a personal, encrypted digital vault. You’ll never lose or forget another password again.
    • Store multi-factor authentication (2FA) codes and make 2FA verification a breeze.
    • Put more than just passwords in your encrypted digital vault; Keeper can protect your sensitive files, documents, photos, and videos, too.
    • Securely scan and store your payment cards for faster checkout on websites and apps.
    • Supports all two-factor authentication methods, including Windows Hello, fingerprint ID, SMS, and security devices such as YubiKey.

Keeper business users get administrative tools that give IT administrators complete visibility into employee password practices, enabling them to monitor password use and enforce password security policies across the entire organization, including strong, unique passwords, 2FA, role-based access control (RBAC), and other security policies. Fine-grained access controls allow administrators to set employee permissions based on their roles and responsibilities, as well as set up shared folders for individual departments, project teams, or any other group.

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