Keeper’s Statement on App Trackers

Keeper’s Statement on App Trackers

A recent report was published regarding embedded trackers in LastPass and other password managers. The Exodus site published “2 trackers” for Keeper software. This is not correct.

On mobile applications, Keeper previously utilized the Adjust SDK only to determine the source of the app install. This install was then attributed to Keeper’s marketing campaigns for its products and services. Due to strict security protocols, Keeper does not market third-party applications or products to its customers nor does it sell customer data to third parties. The inclusion of the Adjust SDK did not violate Keeper’s strict security protocols or Privacy Policy. Despite this and to address any concerns regarding app-install attribution, the Adjust SDK was removed from Keeper software. On the Android platform, Keeper utilizes Google Firebase for push notifications and device-sync functionality. In conformance with Keeper’s strict security protocols, Keeper does not utilize Firebase Analytics for tracking purposes.

Keeper software is built using a proprietary zero-trust framework and zero-knowledge security architecture. As such, only the user has full knowledge of and control of their master password and the encryption keys to encrypt and decrypt their vault data.

For additional information, please visit our Security Disclosure.

Update from Aug 23, 2021: Keeper has made additional updates to the Android application to completely remove Firebase Analytics and there are now zero trackers listed in the report: