Keeper with Android Accessibility and Autofill

Keeper with Android Accessibility and Autofill


Recently, Google notified some application developers who utilize Android’s “Accessibility Services” framework to make changes to their apps. It’s important to note that Keeper’s proprietary autofill feature known as KeeperFill®, is not affected by this issue.

We work closely with Google to build features and capabilities using the latest Android tools available to developers. Beginning with Android O, Keeper is migrating to the new Android Autofill API instead of relying on the Accessibility API.

Today, Google announced more information to its developer community about the Autofill API project which Keeper is a major part of. The link to their blog is below:

In addition to using the Android Autofill API, Keeper will continue utilizing Accessibility Services for certain devices (and earlier versions of the Android operating system) and for use cases in which Google Autofill is not yet compatible.

To see Android O with Keeper in action, click here.

Keeper for Android is already available for download on Android O. If you have any questions, please contact

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