Terraform & Keeper Secrets Manager: Better Together

Terraform & Keeper Secrets Manager: Better Together

Terraform is a very popular infrastructure-as-code (IAC) tool that enables DevOps teams to deploy and manage infrastructure such as servers, containers and databases.

Since Keeper Secrets Manager supports record creation through Terraform, you can secure infrastructure secrets using your Keeper Vault. This feature, combined with existing credential read functionality, makes it possible to maintain your credentials’ full lifecycle using Keeper and Terraform.

Let’s look at how to create a record with the Keeper Secrets Manager.

First, install the Keeper Secrets Manager provider from the Terraform registry and add it to your Terraform configuration. Note that you will need to provide a Secrets Manager configuration, as illustrated below.

Terraform and Secrets Manager Configuration

Keeper provides handy resources for the most common record types. To create a new record, use the desired record resource and provide a folder UID. Then, specify the record details as a Terraform resource. In this example, the password will be generated automatically. This ensures that the credential is hidden from everyone unless they need to see it. Additionally, because the credential is auto-generated, it is never hardcoded, which prevents threat actors from compromising the credential by peeping at the source code.

Create a Record with Terraform & Secrets Manager

That’s it! When Terraform runs, the record will be created and added to your Keeper Vault. To use these credentials in other areas of your job, check out the Keeper Secrets Manager overview page.

For more information and examples, check out our documentation on how to use Keeper and Terraform together.

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