4 Ways Keeper Makes Remote Learning Easier & More Secure

4 Ways Keeper Makes Remote Learning Easier & More Secure

Password overload is a serious issue. According to a survey by Digital Guardian, 70% of consumers have over 10 password-protected online accounts, and 30% have “too many to count.” Not surprisingly, 60% of users admit to reusing passwords across accounts at least some of the time, even though doing so puts them at risk of data breaches. According to Verizon, 80% of successful data breaches can be traced back to stolen or compromised passwords.

The recent surge in homeschooling and remote learning has added to the password pile, foisting yet more online accounts and passwords on parents, educators, and college students. In addition to being a hassle, the more passwords a consumer has, the more likely one of them will get breached, especially if the consumer isn’t practicing good password hygiene.

Here are 4 ways Keeper’s password management solution makes remote learning a lot easier and more secure.

  1. Memorize only one password

    With Keeper, parents, educators, and college students go from having to keep track of multiple passwords to just one, the master password for their Keeper digital vault, which securely stores all of their other logins. Never lose or forget another password!

    Password overload problems are compounded in households with multiple school-age children, on multiple grade levels and possibly multiple schools, all using their own systems. Keeper’s Family Plan lets parents store all their children’s passwords for easy and secure access in the same secure digital vault — and all of Mom and Dad’s passwords, too!

  2. Practice good password hygiene — the easy way

    Most people know they should use a strong, unique password for all of their online accounts, and secure them with multi-factor authentication (2FA) whenever it’s available. Without a password manager like Keeper, doing all of that is complex and time-consuming. Keeper auto-fills login credentials, which makes it easy to use a unique password for every online account. It also automatically generates strong passwords for new accounts and helps users change weak passwords on existing accounts. It even stores 2FA codes. With Keeper, good password hygiene is a snap!

  3. Access passwords on any device, running any operating system

    Keeper users always have access to all of their passwords, on any mobile or desktop device, running any operating system, using any app or web browser.

    In addition to passwords, Keeper can also securely store sensitive documents, files, photos, videos, and more.

  4. Save time and hassle, and prevent phishing

    Keeper’s auto-fill feature automatically fills user login credentials, which not only makes life easier but also helps secure users against phishing. Cybercriminals are using the remote learning boom to take advantage of tech-challenged parents (and educators) and attempting to get them to enter their login credentials on phony lookalike sites with domain names that are just a tad different; for example, ABCE1ementary-dot-com instead of ABCElementary-dot-com. Keeper prevents this by only auto-filling credentials onto sites that have been stored within the Keeper Vault.

Get started today

Keeper takes only minutes to install, requires no special equipment or installation costs, and is designed to be user friendly. Users can even import passwords from their web browsers, text files, or spreadsheets. Afterward, Keeper evaluates the imported passwords and warns users about weak, reused, or compromised passwords.

Are you a parent or educator? Download Keeper’s desktop or mobile app and get started right now.

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