AI can crack your passwords. Here’s how Keeper can help.

As AI becomes more advanced, it’s important to consider all the ways AI can be used maliciously by cybercriminals, especially when it comes to cracking passwords. While AI password-cracking techniques...

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Can you remember the first password that you created? Was it “password”? A song title? Your dog’s name plus the year you were born? Second question: Did you use that password for every new account you opened online? Third question: Do you still use that password anywhere and everywhere on the web today? It would

The Anatomy of Strong Passwords: Top Secrets to Strong Passwords

We all know the importance of cybersecurity. Your day-to-day routine probably requires the management of numerous passwords and involves countless connections to websites that could pose a hazard to your personal identity. As we’ve seen from recent events, everyone, including well-known celebrities, is vulnerable to an online attack at any time. But Internet security is

Cybersecurity Continues to be an International Issue

The week continues to be an exciting one at Keeper: Secure File Storage is now live for iOS, Android and Web users! With Secure File Storage, users can upload and drag-and-drop their most important files, photos and videos to their Keeper vaults. Secure File Storage uses the same military-grade encryption and security that has protected our Keeper users for years. Files are encrypted during

Keeper Secure File Storage is Now Live!

Attention Android users: Keeper FastFill is now live! Securely and quickly auto-fill your login credentials on your websites and mobile apps today. FastFill is now an integral part of the Keeper app on Android which provides a seamless and secure user experience across all mobile apps and browsers, including Chrome. One of the best parts? FastFill is free for

Keeper FastFill for Android is Now Live!

With the advent and growing utilization of mobile devices in today’s workplace, business owners are faced with a whole new set of security concerns. Information that once-upon-a-time was stored on desktop computers or even paper documents now goes home with employees at the end of the day. In the era of a BYOD (Bring Your

Keeper For Groups: Security For The Modern Workplace

It’s been a busy news week at Keeper! When news broke that eBay was the latest company that had fallen victim to a cyber attack, nearly 145 million users were asked to change their passwords to protect their precious information. In an article by Mashable’s Samantha Murphy Kelly, Keeper’s CEO Darren Guccione was quoted about

Keeper’s Darren Guccione Weighs in on eBay’s Cyber Attack

It’s been a long, hard winter, Keepies. But on the bright side, we’ve had plenty of time to hunker down and come up with more ways to make Keeper even better. And now that spring is (kinda sorta) finally here, it’s time to roll down the windows and roll out some cool new updates. Cool

Cool New Keeper Updates!

Hi Keepies! We’ve got something fun for you today. Our brand new TV commercial is hitting the airwaves, starring Keeper co-founders Darren Guccione and Craig Lurey. Filmed right here in Chicago, the ad features the rockstars behind the company. Darren, Craig, and the amazing team at Keeper are the reason your data remains safe and

Keeper’s First TV Commercial Hits Airwaves!

A new study from researchers at the University of Pennsylvania finds that in general, people find ways to avoid password security protocol for the sake of ease and convenience. Shocking, we know. The study focuses on work environments, where computer security measures can feel tedious and time consuming. According to the data gathered, when it

Study Finds that When it Comes to Passwords, People are Lazy

Keeper has added a powerful new feature to our Web App. You can now click to select an entire folder and share selected records with a Keeper user or your Keeper Group. This simplifies the process of sharing multiple passwords with multiple users. Keeper’s secure vault-to-vault sharing is seamless and fast. It uses the strongest

Keeper Adds New Folder Sharing Feature

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