Keeper Reaches 1 Million Customers Worldwide

Keeper Reaches 1 Million Customers Worldwide

According to Verizon, stolen or compromised passwords are responsible for about 80% of successful data breaches. Keeper is pleased to announce that more people than ever are now using our top-rated, zero-knowledge password management platform to prevent password-related data breaches.

Keeper now has one million paid, active customers around the world

One million consumers and businesses worldwide are trusting Keeper with their login credentials. Here’s a deeper dive into the numbers:

  • We’re seeing explosive growth! 160,000 customers became part of the Keeper family within the last year.
  • Most Keeper customers renew their subscriptions; 84% of our customers have been with us for longer than a year.
  • Keeper customers are everywhere! Keeper is used by consumers and businesses in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and throughout Europe and Asia.

Why one million consumers and businesses trust Keeper

Not all password managers are created equal! Some of them are difficult to set up, use, and maintain. Keeper takes only minutes to install, requires no special equipment or installation costs, and is designed to be user friendly. Keeper customers also enjoy industry-leading features such as:

  • Zero-knowledge security. Keeper is one of the few cybersecurity platforms that use a zero-knowledge security model, which utilizes a unique encryption and data segregation framework to protect against remote data breaches. Because Keeper utilizes a zero-knowledge model, we have no way of accessing any of our users’ master passwords, nor can we access our customers’ encryption keys to decrypt their data.
  • Easy password import. New Keeper customers can import their existing passwords from their web browsers, text files, spreadsheets, or other password managers. Afterward, Keeper evaluates the imported passwords and warns users about weak, reused, or compromised passwords.
  • Auto-fill across websites and apps. Keeper auto-fills login credentials across websites and apps, which makes it easy to use a strong, unique password for every online account.
  • Plans for individual users. Keeper Personal users get a private, encrypted digital vault to securely store all of their login credentials, along with payment card information, sensitive files, documents, photos, and videos. It even stores multi-factor authentication (2FA) codes.
  • Plans for families. Keeper Family plans extend all the great features of Keeper Personal to up to five users in a household, with easy and secure sharing features so that family members can share passwords, files, payment cards, and more.
  • Plans for businesses of all sizes. Whether your organization is a tiny startup or a multinational enterprise, Keeper can scale to fit your needs, with administrative features such as easy integration with single sign-on (SSO) and support for role-based access control (RBAC), multi-factor authentication (2FA), auditing, event reporting, and multiple compliance standards, including HIPAA, DPA, FINRA, and GDPR.

Not a Keeper customer yet? Sign up for a free 14-day trial now! Want to find out more about how Keeper can help your business prevent security breaches? Reach out to our team today.