World Password Day is Every Day

World Password Day is Every Day

For the past few years World Password Day has served as a reminder to consumers that passwords are important. However, we need to remember that passwords are important EVERY SINGLE DAY!

At Keeper we believe that cybersecurity starts with password security and are committed to providing our customers with the most secure password management platform on the market.

Here are some practical tips to keep you safer as you navigate your day-to-day life:

ALWAYS Create Strong Passwords

Passwords are the single easiest entry point you can protect. There are a few basics when creating passwords for personal and professional use to keep in mind. A long password doesn’t necessarily make it more secure. To be secure it should be both long and random – meaning, it should contain a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. A password should be no less than 8 to 16 characters but certainly more can be better. Certain websites require a certain character length so be cognizant of those requirements when creating your passwords.

NEVER Reuse Passwords

More than 50% of all people use the same password for all their websites and applications. This is a common and very dangerous problem. Cybercriminals keep dictionary lists of the most commonly used passwords. They also know that if they are successful in breaching a single account, they will often be able to access multiple accounts for the same person due to the high frequency of password reuse. So, the more you reuse passwords the easier it is for an attacker to gain access to every account that uses that same password. Our next tip, will help you STOP reusing passwords!

USE a Password Manager

A password management application will help you create unique, high-strength, randomly generated passwords for every website and application you use. Also, you don’t have to remember each individual password – just one master password. Password managers organize and maintain your passwords in a secure, encrypted digital vault. They also allow you to be faster online by autofilling your login credentials for you. With a password manager you can also mandate the use of two-factor authentication for an added layer of security.

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