Study Finds that When it Comes to Passwords, People are Lazy

Study Finds that When it Comes to Passwords, People are Lazy

A new study from researchers at the University of Pennsylvania finds that in general, people find ways to avoid password security protocol for the sake of ease and convenience. Shocking, we know.

The study focuses on work environments, where computer security measures can feel tedious and time consuming. According to the data gathered, when it comes to cyber security, “circumvention of the rules is the norm.”

Rather than change their password every 90 days, for example, participants in the study revealed they would call the company’s help desk to say they forgot their password, thereby resetting the time window and keeping the same login credentials. Other shortcuts included tricking time-out sensors to avoid being automatically logged out of an account, and even simply ignoring warnings about invalid SSL certificates. Sound familiar?

It makes sense that people, especially in a work environment where efficiency is crucial, will try to take these kinds of shortcuts to save time and preserve workflow. But sidestepping security measures can make users’ information vulnerable to hackers.

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