Cyber Attacks Take a New Angle

Cyber Attacks Take a New Angle

We recently reported on a data leak by hackers on Goldman Sachs CEO and Chairman, Lloyd Blankfein earlier this week. Since then, news reports have been developing regarding the connection of online activism and protests against Wall Street and the financial system.

“Members of the Anonymous collective are not just taking their activism to the Internet and the streets; they’re now targeting corporate financials with a securities research arm,” according to CNET, who displayed a type of logo for Anonymous, describing the organization as “Acquiring information through unconventional means”.

The unconventional means that are being described here have to do with the power that hackers have to infiltrate any computer or device that is connected to a network. In support of the hacker group Anonymous’s “anti-corporate, anti-censorship, pro-civil liberties messages” connected to the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, hackers have been using their skills for social activism.

Hackers found the personal information of Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna and posted it online, after the officer was accused of spraying protesters with pepper spray in a video widely circulated on the internet. According to the NY Post, “the hackers collective known as Anonymous put out the name and personal details of a high-ranking cop who pepper-sprayed penned-in Wall St. protesters over the weekend”.

Efforts by the hacking collective appear to be focused around the strategy of releasing the sensitive personal information of its targets.