Keeper Launches Compliance Reporting Feature to Simplify GRC Audits

Keeper Launches Compliance Reporting Feature to Simplify GRC Audits

While many organizations treat governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) as a standalone department, GRC impacts every area of the enterprise. The negative impact of siloing GRC from the rest of the organization is especially clear during compliance audits. The audit process — already complex and time-consuming — is made even more difficult as GRC personnel scramble to access needed documentation from other departments, all of which have their own reporting procedures and formats.

To assist organizations with meeting stringent compliance standards in their industry, such as SOX, HIPAA and GRC, Keeper is proud to announce its newest feature, Keeper Compliance Reports! This new feature is the first of its kind in our industry.

Break Down Silos and Simplify the Audit Reporting Process

Keeper Compliance Reports provides GRC, security, and IT administrators on-demand visibility of access permissions to their organization’s credentials and secrets, in a zero-trust and zero-knowledge security environment. Reports can also be forwarded to automated GRC solutions and external auditors.

In addition to streamlining audits, Keeper Compliance Reports helps your organization maintain compliance and manage risk year-round, with features such as:

On-Demand Auditing

Generate detailed, user-level reports showing privileged access and permissions to critical systems, credentials, and secrets.

Payment Card Access Reporting

Analyze role-based, user-level access permissions and rights to payment card accounts.

Financial Services Investigations

Track suspicious user activity and access rights for specific financial services URLs and records to support investigations. Integrate data with Keeper’s Advanced Reporting and Alerts Module (ARAM) for even more comprehensive event reporting and monitoring.

Cloud Infrastructure Access Monitoring

Get full visibility into your organization’s cloud infrastructure (e.g., Azure, AWS, Google Cloud) credentials and user access permissions.

User Decommissioning

When a user transfers within the organization or leaves the company, take detailed snapshots of key elements of their vault prior to decommissioning and transferring it to their replacement.

Specific Record-Level Searches

Quickly find records with specific attributes, such as record title, record type, URL, record owner(s), or job title(s).

User Record Permissions Reconciliation

Get complete visibility into records that have been shared to a user through multiple sources, with different permissions and restrictions.

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