IT & Security Admins Can Use Keeper’s New Webhooks Feature to Receive Real-Time Alerts

IT & Security Admins Can Use Keeper’s New Webhooks Feature to Receive Real-Time Alerts

With cyberthreats increasing in frequency, sophistication, and cost, it’s crucial that organizations receive security alerts in real time. That’s why Keeper is pleased to announce that we’ve integrated webhooks into our Advanced Reporting and Alerts Module (ARAM).

Let’s take a look at this new feature!

What Are Webhooks?

In their simplest form, webhooks are a way for applications to send automated messages to each other when something happens. Webhooks are how apps send push notifications to your phone, such as when you’ve received a reply on social media. They’re also how you receive text or email notifications when an online store ships your order, or when your credit card statement is available.

Webhooks are customizable, so that you receive only the notifications you want. For example, if one of your Twitter threads goes viral, you may not want your phone pinging with notification after notification. When you tell Twitter to stop notifying you about activity on that thread — or to stop sending you notifications, period — you’re customizing a webhook.

Why Use Webhooks in Keeper?

IT and DevOps teams can use webhooks in Keeper to receive instant messages and alerts that will help them monitor employee password practices, ensure compliance, and aid in incident response. For example, Keeper webhooks can be set up to send an alert to an IT or security admin whenever an employee disables multifactor, shares a record outside of the company, or deletes an administrator. Or any one of over a hundred password related actions.

Keeper’s webhooks easily integrate with Slack and Microsoft Teams, and alerts sent to these solutions will appear instantly. Admins can also integrate Keeper Enterprise events into the organization’s custom software, or develop integrations into Keeper Enterprise using third-party platforms.

IT, security, and compliance teams can use Keeper’s webhooks to get the alerts they need, when they need them, on the tool of their choice, without having to integrate and configure an additional software solution. Admins can fully customize Keeper’s webhooks to deliver only specific events and specific details to specific people or teams.

Keeper’s webhooks easily scale to meet the needs of any size organizations, from SMBs to major enterprises, in any industry sector, including finance, banking, healthcare, retail, and professional services.

For more information, visit our webhooks portal.

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