Keeper Integrates with YubiKey 5Ci for Secure 2FA

Keeper Integrates with YubiKey 5Ci for Secure 2FA

We’re happy to announce the integration for YubiKey 5Ci device which is now available on Keeper iOS, Web Vault, Desktop App and Admin Console for secure hardware-backed 2FA login.

For the first time ever, iOS users can now take advantage of hardware-backed 2FA using the YubiKey 5Ci device. With a lightning connector on one side and a USB-C connector on the other, the 5Ci device can be used seamlessly across all of your devices.

Benefits of the Keeper + YubiKey 5Ci Integration will include:
– Simple one-touch 2FA into your Keeper vault
– Hardware-backed Two-Factor Authentication
– More secure than using software-based TOTP and SMS

For quick instructions on how to protect your Keeper Vault with YubiKey 5Ci, check out our video:

Learn more about the YubiKey 5Ci

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Activating your YubiKey 5Ci on Keeper for iPhone & iPad