Keeper For Groups: Security For The Modern Workplace

Keeper For Groups: Security For The Modern Workplace

With the advent and growing utilization of mobile devices in today’s workplace, business owners are faced with a whole new set of security concerns. Information that once-upon-a-time was stored on desktop computers or even paper documents now goes home with employees at the end of the day.

In the era of a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model, how can businesses ensure that every employee’s smartphone, tablet or laptop is protected?

The National Cyber Security Alliance gives some general advice on creating and implementing a cybersecurity plan for businesses, but what does “cyber attack prevention” look like in practice?

Enter Keeper for Groups. For business small or large, Keeper for Groups solves a whole slew of security problems posed by the modern mobile workplace.

Take the medical sector. Keeper was recommended by Software Advice, an IT security research firm, in their recent article about the need for healthcare enterprises to manage ultra-sensitive patient information on employees personal devices. Another good example, mentioned in this in-depth feature about Keeper from the American Bar Association’s Law Technology Today blog, is real estate professionals who need to share building codes and information. From legal offices to retail stores, all business need to share information quickly and securely. And as the latter article emphasizes, it takes about 1 hour to set up Keeper for Groups for 1,000 employees.

Check out the Groups page on Keeper’s website for pricing and download information.