Keeper’s Darren Guccione Weighs in on eBay’s Cyberattack

Keeper’s Darren Guccione Weighs in on eBay’s Cyberattack

It’s been a busy news week at Keeper!

When news broke that eBay was the latest company that had fallen victim to a cyberattack, nearly 145 million users were asked to change their passwords to protect their precious information.

In an article by Mashable’s Samantha Murphy Kelly, Keeper’s CEO Darren Guccione was quoted about the importance of staying on top of password management.

“There is always risk of future loss so the key is to practice good password management,” Darren said. “We encourage consumers to change passwords on their most important and frequently used sites every six months. When creating a password, it’s important to use letters, numbers and symbols which can be accomplished with a password manager.”

Security breaches like this cyberattack that have impacted millions remind us that passwords should be frequently updated to protect against hacks.

CBS Evening News also visited the Chicago Keeper office. Award-winning Chicago CBS News correspondent Dean Reynolds spoke with Darren about the proliferation of cyberattacks.

“There’s words like important and necessary, but we usually use the word essential,” said Darren when asked about the need for password security and management.

Since biometric technologies such as thumb prints and eye scanners have only shown spotty success, military grade password security is the best option for everyone. And Keeper is the most secure and quality solution.

“We take what users have been accustomed to for ages and we make it really rock-solid and secure,” said Darren.

What are you waiting for, Keepies? Update those passwords and fight back against harmful cyberattacks today.