Keeper In The New York Times

Keeper In The New York Times

Well, we’ve officially made it.

Hi, mom! Hi, dad! We’re famous!

Last week, Keeper was featured in the New York Times. Our lil’ app was reviewed alongside a few other big names in password managers (we won’t mention them here) in an article called, “Apps to Protect Your Array of Passwords.” Did we mention it was in the New York Times?

The reviewer highlighted Keeper’s simple, user-friendly design as something that sets us apart from other password managers. But better yet, he called our Sharing feature “neat.” Don’t believe us?

“It even includes a neat feature that lets you share some of your information with someone you trust.”

We’re inclined to agree: sharing IS a neat feature. And we sure do love seeing our screenshot at the top of an NYT article. Check out the full write-up here!