Welcome To Keeper 5.0

Welcome To Keeper 5.0

If you haven’t noticed, the past few months have brought a great deal of change and growth for Keeper, and we want to make sure our Keepies are in the loop. So, what’s new with us?

The new Keeper for Mac. We’ve been improving upon our desktop app for all operating systems, and now our Mac version is sleeker and shinier than ever. Keeper for Mac is fast, scalable and includes personalized themes which have been optimized for high-resolution displays. Get it here.

Browser Extensions. If you missed it the first time around, we recently launched one of our coolest features to date: browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Seamless integration with login fields on any website make storing and entering user credentials a breeze. Download here.

PCMag Review. PCMag.com gave Keeper a rating of “Excellent” in their in-depth review of the app. They called Keeper’s user-friendly simplicity “refreshing,” and say that Keeper’s flexibility with unexpected login formats “baffles the competition.” We’ll take it! Read the full review here.

1,000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook. That’s right–1,000. Much love to all of our fans! If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, check out our FB page!

As always, stay up to date by following our Twitter (https://twitter.com/keepersecurity), and check back here for more blog updates soon.

Keep on Keeping!