Introducing Keeper Sharing!

Introducing Keeper Sharing!

Attention Keeper Backup users: your subscription just got even cooler.

We are pleased to announce that Sharing has gone live for all paid subscribers.

So what is Sharing?

This brand new feature allows you to share individual records with any other paid users. Like all Keeper features, Sharing is simple and secure.

Now, when you login to Keeper on your phone, computer, or through Web App, you will see a ”Share+” icon for any record that you’ve created.

Clicking the icon prompts you to enter the email address of the person you want to share with. You can share records with multiple email addresses, and for each address you decide whether the recipient “Can Edit” or simply “Can View.”

Next time the recipient logs in to Keeper, they will receive an alert that you would like to share a record with them.

Once they accept, the record appears in their Keeper data vault with an icon next to it designating a shared record. If you make a change to any Keeper record that is already being shared, the edit will automatically sync across each account, so everyone stays up to date. And if you wish to remove a user from one or multiple records, you can do so at any time.