The Largest Cyber Attack… Ever

The Largest Cyber Attack… Ever

As of yesterday, anti-spam website Spamhaus reported that they were being targeted with a tidal wave of meaningless traffic and data. In fact, their servers were the target of the largest surge of junk content ever directed in one attack.

Exactly how large was it? To put it in perspective, similar attacks tend not to exceed 100 billion bits per second. Ths particular assault came in at about 300 billion bits per second, if not more, acording to CloudFlare Inc.

This technique of overwhelming a server with a flood of useless information and traffic is known as “DNS reflection,” and is sort of like sending heaps of junk mail to one address. While the attackers employed a spamming technique, rather than a hack, events like this one remind us of the cyber war that rages all around us, with cyber criminals using more sophistacted and devastating tactics every day.

Cyber crime is a reality–protect yourself.