Shopping Online This Holiday?

Shopping Online This Holiday?

It’s that time of year again! Holiday shopping time.

If you’ve ever bought anything online, you know that credit card information, banking passwords and PayPal login data are like little digital children: they can be hard to keep track of, they need protection, and they’re each special in their own unique way.

Whether you’re someone who gets yours done months in advance, or the kind of person to wait till the very last minute, chances are you do at least some of your shopping online. According toa report by, U.S. retail e-commerce sales hit an all-time high last year during the holiday season. Shoppers spent an estimated 37.2 billion dollars online during the months of November and December alone!

Here at Keeper, we want everyone’s online shopping experience to be a safe and easy one. That’s why Keeper stores all of your personal information in one convenient location, safeguards it with military-grade encryption, and backs it all up onto a secure cloud.

This holiday season, don’t ask for identity theft—ask for Keeper.