Upgrade to Keeper 5.0 Today!

Upgrade to Keeper 5.0 Today!

A major update was released for Keeper Password & Data Vault this week. Experience all the convenience and security that the new and improved Keeper 5.0 has to offer! Keeper 5.0 was released across all platforms which includes iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Mac, PC and Linux.

For added user security, Keeper has increased the levels of encryption for the master password and data storage. All password hashes are supported with BCrypt and 128-bit AES for symmetric ciphers. The auto-sync feature is literally 100 times faster than the previous version, which will make syncing fast, reliable and more convenient than ever before. Of course, don’t forget about the new “one-click” backup process where your data is stored with just one simple click. Keeper is specifically designed so that every function of the app is seamless for you.

Best of all, the upgrade is FREE to all paid users! Once you upgrade your first device, you will need to upgrade all devices on your Keeper account.

As one of the world’s most downloaded security applications, we strive to make sure your data is safe and secure at all times. Don’t become a victim to data theft or loss when you can protect yourself now by using Keeper.

Upgrade to Keeper 5.0 now!