Investment in Mobile Security to Increase 44% Annually Through 2015

Investment in Mobile Security to Increase 44% Annually Through 2015

Regular followers of Callpod’s blog know that this has been an extraordinary year in mobile device security. Breaches of security are occurring at rates that only continue to accelerate. Hacking is taking place for all kinds of reasons as our lives become increasingly enmeshed in technology, targeting everyone from workers to regular consumers accustomed to shopping through online merchants and banking through the internet, to leaders of corporations and governments.

One thing that we can all admit after experiencing a year in which reports of mobile device security breaches have amplified is that there is a now a greater need than ever for protection from hackers. Most people now fall into the category of having something to protect- from contact lists, photos and files to passwords and login information, the value of the information that we carry is inestimable. Software developers are beginning to scramble to in response to the need to keep up with the new demand for protection from malicious users. Canalys recently reported that “investment in mobile security will increase 44% annually through 2015“.

Our product, Keeper Password and Data Vault™ provides a simple solution to the anxiety that can be felt over the perceived lack of control that you as a consumer may feel over the data and personal resources that are stored in your mobile device.

Keeper encrypts your data with military grade encryption that has met the criteria of approval for security software by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. In the context of our software, this encryption is egalitarian and unbiased- our software has no agenda other than to protect anyone who uses it. No one can crack the code to the encryption of the files stored on your device because it is based on the password that you choose.

It has become clear that privacy in a highly technological information society is a relative term, as the most sensitive details of an individual’s life are networked and accessible online. The only true solution to alleviating the uncertainty and unease of this is to create a realm of security—a virtual vault—that encrypts the most important data that you possess.

This is how Keeper was designed. Our software has been downloaded over 5 million times and usage is only increasing in response to the obvious threat that is posed by hackers.