Announcing Keeper One-Time Share

Announcing Keeper One-Time Share

Ever need to share a password with someone, maybe a friend, a contractor or a business associate but they don’t have a Keeper account?

Keeper is pleased to announce the launch of One-Time Share, a new feature that lets Keeper users securely share records with anyone on a time-limited basis, without the recipient having to create a Keeper account.

Keeper One-Time Share is the easiest and most secure way to send confidential information to a friend, family member or co-worker without exposing sensitive information over email, text message or messaging.

One-Time Shares utilize Keeper’s zero-knowledge encryption, making them secure by design. The record data is decrypted locally on the recipient’s device using AES-256, and all requests to the server are signed with elliptic-curve cryptography (ECDSA).

One-Time Share links automatically expire at a time of your choosing, and they can only be used on one device. Even if you forget to unshare the record, it will expire automatically, and the recipient’s access will be revoked.

As an additional layer of security, One-Time Shares are also device-locked, which means that only the original recipient is able to access the data. If the link is later opened up by a third party, or your email account is compromised, the data cannot be decrypted, except on the original device.

One-Time Shares are the perfect option for securely sharing records with recipients who aren’t Keeper users. The potential use cases are virtually endless!

How Individuals Can Use Keeper One-Time Shares

  • Share your wi-fi password or your security system code with a houseguest or a housesitter
  • Share an encrypted file with a family member
  • Provide time-limited access to payment cards

How Businesses Can Use Keeper One-Time Shares

  • Share access credentials with a freelancer
  • Share an encrypted file with a co-worker
  • Provide secure documentation or instructions to vendors

One-Time Shares can be delivered using QR Codes, Airdrop, email, SMS or other out-of-band channels.

How to use Keeper One-Time Share

Keeper One-Time Share is available for all customers (both paid and free) and commercial customers (including Business, Enterprise and MSP plans).

For Individuals
Simply access your Keeper Web Vault or Desktop App, go to your record options screen and click on “One-Time Share.” The ability to create one-time share links in the iOS and Android apps is coming soon.

For Organizations
Please note that One-Time Share is disabled by default for protection, so Keeper admins will need to enable it manually on existing role policies. However, moving forward, new role policies will allow One-Time Shares by default. If you would like to disable the use of this feature, visit the “Sharing” settings of the Role Enforcements screen.

Additionally, One-Time Share is only available for new “Typed” records that were created since April 2021. Legacy records created before April 2021 cannot be shared.

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