3 Steps to Secure and Compliant Data Sharing

3 Steps to Secure and Compliant Data Sharing

Every day, organizations subject themselves to audit violations and data leaks when their end-users share sensitive data with third parties – essentially anyone outside of your organization. Various regulations and compliance frameworks require sensitive data to be encrypted with industry-grade security while at rest and in transit. Unfortunately, many complicated solutions make it difficult for end-users to securely send and store sensitive data – which often leads to it being unprotected on the end-user machine or sent via unsecured methods.

Keeper provides a quick, easy and secure way to share sensitive data with third parties. The “One-Time Share” method does not require anything other than a browser on the receiving user’s end. All you need is your Keeper Password Manager from the sending side and there is no infrastructure to set up. One-Time Shares are secure by design, utilizing Keeper’s Zero-Knowledge encryption. The data is decrypted locally on the recipient’s device using 256-bit AES and all requests to the server are signed with elliptic-curve cryptography (ECDSA).

Here are three easy steps to share any sensitive information with third parties. 

  1. To create a One-Time Share, open a Keeper record and click on Options > One-Time Share.
Indicating where One-Time Share is located at
One-Time Share
  1. Select how long the share link should be valid. The record will expire at a time of your choosing and it can only be used on one device. Even if you forget to un-share the record, it will expire and access will be revoked.
Setting Record Access Expiration
Set Record Access Expiration

Share links will expire after the selected amount of time if the link is never used. If the link is used and bound to a device, the record access will expire after the same amount of time.

  1. You can copy the link or the invitation to share the record with another person, or simply scroll down and scan the QR code.
One-Time Share Copy Link or Invitation UI
Copy Link or Invitation

When the recipient opens the link, the record will render in the device browser.

As an additional layer of security, One-Time Shares are device-locked which means that only the original recipient is able to access the data. If the link is later opened up by a third party, or your email account is compromised, the link cannot be accessed except on the original device.

Showing One-Time Share screen.

If you want to try One-Time Share for yourself, sign up for a free trial today.