Keeper Vault for iOS Now Supports FIDO2 WebAuthn and YubiKey NFC

Keeper Vault for iOS Now Supports FIDO2 WebAuthn and YubiKey NFC

Multi-factor authentication (2FA) is crucial to protecting against password-related cyberattacks. On a fact sheet the White House released earlier this week, advising organizations on how to protect themselves against potential cyberattacks in light of the crisis in Europe, the first action item is, “Mandate the use of multi-factor authentication on your systems to make it harder for attackers” to breach organizational networks.

Keeper is excited to announce that the Keeper iOS app now supports YubiKey FIDO2/WebAuthn security keys with a lightning connector or NFC (near field communication). This new capability enables our iOS customers to protect their Keeper vaults using the highest level of 2FA protection currently available.

Built using free and open standards from the FIDO Alliance, FIDO Authentication makes fast, passwordless login experiences possible. FIDO leverages cryptographic login credentials that are unique across every website, never leave the user’s device, and are never stored on a server. For these reasons, FIDO eliminates the risks of phishing, password theft, and replay attacks.

How to Enable YubiKey FIDO2/WebAuthn Security Keys on iOS Devices

Enabling a YubiKey on your iOS device is easy. If your YubiKey does not support NFC:

1. Tap the settings tab on your Keeper app.
2. Select Two-Factor Authentication and tap Security Keys.
3. In the Security Keys settings, tap Add New.
4. When asked to Register your Security Key, type a name for your YubiKey, then tap Register. You will be asked to choose your security key activation method.

If your YubiKey is NFC-enabled:

1. Choose “Scan NFC.”
2. When prompted, place your security key near the top edge of the back of your phone.
3. After a successful scan, you may be prompted to enter a PIN for your security key, if you have set one up previously. Enter your key and tap verify.
4. If you haven’t yet set up a PIN, you can set a FIDO2 PIN on your NFC-enabled YubiKey using Yubico’s open source tool, YubiKey Manager, then rescan your YubiKey.
5. Tap OK when notified that your registration was successful.
6. Test the successful registration of your YubiKey by tapping logout in your Keeper app Settings. Log back into Keeper, and you will be prompted to scan your YubiKey to enter your vault.

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