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Zero-Knowledge Architecture

Keeper is built with a proprietary zero-knowledge security architecture, meaning all encryption and decryption is done locally on the user’s device. Each record is encrypted using AES-256 with a different and unique key that is randomly generated, client-side.

Myki is not zero-knowledge. In fact, Myki’s own demo highlights how admins can go into their portal and have full visibility of their employees’ accounts. This security model is inferior to Keeper’s zero-knowledge principles and practices.

Superior Features and Functionality

Myki lacks many of Keeper’s core and advanced features, including dark web monitoring, advanced reporting and alerts, advanced provisioning (through SSO/IdP solutions, AD/LDAP, SCIM and APIs), automated password rotation and two-factor codes in records. Keeper’s cybersecurity platform facilitates secure file storage and encrypted messaging. Aside from its superior security model, Keeper is also accessible on all popular platforms and devices.

Superior Features and Functionality
Market-Leading Security Infrastructure and Policies

Market-Leading Security Infrastructure and Policies

Keeper has the longest standing SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001 and TRUSTe certification in the industry. Keeper is also FINRA and HIPAA compliant. Keeper’s Internal Security Management System (ISMS) ensures that strict security controls protect customer data and that product and service operations are secured. Myki has not exhibited the same rigor to security practices. Myki is neither ISO 27001 nor SOC 2 Type 2 certified.

Employee Offboarding Support

Keeper ensures that when an employee leaves your company, the data is both protected and retained. With Keeper’s Account Transfer feature, you can transfer an offboarded employee’s vault to another Keeper user in a zero-knowledge manner.

Myki does not offer employee offboarding, making it impossible to recover data stored on the end-user’s device. Since all data is stored on the user’s device, a company risks losing critical records when employees leave the company.

More Advanced Control Settings

Better Customer Service and Support

Keeper offers product training and onboarding with your subscription for both the MSP and all employees of the MSP’s managed companies. Keeper also offers 24x7 support covering four global offices.

Myki only offers a knowledge base with frequently asked questions - no email or phone support is offered.

Intuitive User Interface

Named PCMag's Password Manager of the Year & Editors' Choice, Keeper is highly intuitive for both MSPs and their managed companies. Myki lacks even the basic capabilities sought by small- to medium-sized businesses, like seamless form-filling in browsers and web-based vault access.

More Advanced Control Settings

Business and Enterprise Feature Comparison

Zero-Knowledge Architecture
Web App Access
Biometric Login
Employee Offboarding
Master Password Protected Vault
SSO Integration
Organizational Units (Nodes)
Sharing Records
Shared Folders
Secure File Storage
Dark Web Monitoring
Encrypted Messaging
Advanced Reporting and Alerts with SIEM Integration
SOC 2 Type 2 Certification
ISO 27001 Certification

* Myki is only SOC 2 Type 1 certified. As of the date of this report, it has not received SOC 2 Type 2 certification.

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