New Record Types Let Organizations Customize Keeper to Fit Their Business Processes

New Record Types Let Organizations Customize Keeper to Fit Their Business Processes

Keeper is excited to introduce a powerful new tool that’s available to all Keeper users: Custom Record Types. Record Types builds upon Keeper’s proprietary zero-knowledge security and encryption technology, enabling organizations to easily store any type of confidential business information (CBI) within their Keeper vaults.

This release includes several new features for Keeper’s business, enterprise, and public sector customers:

  • 20 new Record Types are enabled by default, including Bank Accounts and Payment Cards. Administrators can create an unlimited number of new records using these default Record Types.
  • Administrators can customize existing Record Types by adding an unlimited number of Field Types to their records. They can also remove and re-order Record Type fields as they desire.
  • Administrators can also create an unlimited number of custom Record Types and share them with their end users. Use custom Record Types to store URLs, emails, names, PIN codes, phone numbers – or virtually any other information.

Record Types can contain data only, such as a Social Security Number (SSN); data and a file, such as an SSN and an image of the corresponding card; or just a file, such as an SSN card image.

All records now have a type associated with them. These types are flexible. For example, some online accounts require a PIN code in addition to a user name and password. Record Types allow administrators to create a new record type that includes this PIN along with the user’s login name and password. Any of these can be required if the administrator deems it required.

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Customize Keeper to Fit Any Business Processes

Since over 80% of successful data breaches are due to compromised login credentials, organizational cybersecurity starts with password security, but it doesn’t end there. As organizations accelerate their digital transformations to meet new challenges caused by COVID-19 and shifting expectations from employees and customers, more CBI is being digitized. All of this CBI needs to be properly secured, yet easily accessible when employees need to retrieve it.

Record Types can be customized to fit any organization’s business processes and support nearly any use case. Here are just a few examples:

  • Human Resources departments can use Record Types as secure employee record files, containing everything from an employee’s tax data and identifying documents to their onboarding documentation and emergency contact information. Conversely, employees can use Record Types to securely share sensitive information with HR, such as SSN cards and driver’s licenses.
  • IT departments can use Record Types to store privileged account credentials, SSH keys, API and other application keys and credentials, private encryption keys, TLS/SSL and other private certificates, and more.
  • Compliance departments can use Record Types to store policy documentation, audit reports, asset inventories, and more, for easy access and sharing by team members.
  • Administrators maintain complete control over Record Types. They can manage access to each record based on an end user’s role, sharing only specific record types with a user, restricting access to certain records, and restricting individual users’ ability to create new Record Types or edit existing ones.

Keeper: Password Security & So Much More

Record Types transforms Keeper from a password security and encryption platform into a comprehensive secure storage and retrieval solution for virtually any type of digital asset. Record Types play a key role in our new Keeper Secrets Manager product, as well as other exciting new products and features we plan to launch this year.

For more information on how to use Record Types, check out our Enterprise User Guide.

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