Digitize & Securely Store All of Your Information with Keeper Record Types

Digitize & Securely Store All of Your Information with Keeper Record Types

With over 80% of successful data breaches being due to compromised login credentials, password managers are an essential tool for consumers. However, while cybersecurity starts with password security, it doesn’t end there. As ever-greater portions of our lives shift online, more of our data is being digitized. All of it needs to be properly secured, yet easily accessible when we need to retrieve it.

Keeper is excited to introduce Record Types, a powerful tool that solves this problem. Record Types build upon Keeper’s proprietary zero-knowledge security and encryption technology, enabling our users to easily store any type of digital information within their Keeper vaults.

This release introduces several new capabilities for consumers – available on both free and paid accounts:

  • 20 new Record Types are enabled by default (e.g. Payment Card, Bank Account)
  • You can customize your Record Types by adding an unlimited number of Field Types to your records. You can also add, remove, and re-order Record Type fields as you desire.
  • There’s no limit on the number of records that you can create.

Using Record Types

You can use Record Types to label and securely store any type of data that you need to keep track of. The potential uses are limited only by your imagination!

Digitize and store your most important and sensitive documents, including birth certificates, Social Security cards, driver licenses, passports, car and boat titles, property deeds, insurance documentation, wills, or even your resume. When you need to retrieve something or add another record, simply access your Keeper vault. No more having to find a key, drive to the bank, or stand in line.

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Attach Record Types to any new record. For example, some online accounts require a PIN code in addition to a user name and password. Record Types allow you to create a record for the PIN, then store it along with the login credentials for that account.

Record Types can contain data only, such as a Social Security Number (SSN); data and a file, such as an SSN and an image of the corresponding card; or just a file, such as an SSN card image.

Keeper: Your Digital Safe Deposit Box

Record Types transform your Keeper Vault into a digital safe deposit box. Unlike a physical safe deposit box, your Keeper Vault is searchable and can be easily and securely accessed from anywhere, using virtually any device. Find out more in our Consumer End-User Guide to Record Types.

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